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Spring 2017 BEE Course Offerings

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BEE 1200 The BEE Experience
BEE 2000 Perspectives on Climate Change
BEE 2220 Bioeng Thermodynam & Kinetics
BEE 3299 Sustainable Development
BEE 3400 Design & Analysis of Biomaterial
BEE 3600 Molecular and Cellular Bio
BEE 3710 Physical Hydrology for Ecosystems
BEE 4010 Renewable Energy Systems
BEE 4200 Surface Chemistry of Particles
BEE/FDSC 4350 Principles of Aquaculture (satisfies BE capstone)
BEE 4500 Bioinstrumentation (satisfies BE lab-3 cr and capstone-4 cr)
BEE/MAE/ENGRC 4530 Computer-Aided Engineering (satisfies BE capstone and tech writing)
BEE 4550 Biologically Inspired Microsystems Eng (satisfies BE lab-3 cr)
BEE 4740 Water & Landscape Engineering (satisfies BE and EnvE capstone)
BEE 4760 Solid Waste Engineering
BEE/EAS 4800 Our Changing Atmosphere
BEE/CEE 4810, CEE 6075 Eng of Wood Structures
BEE 4880 Appld Mdlng in Renewable Enrgy
BEE/EAS 4940 (class #4992) Climate Change Solutions
BEE 4940 (class #18371) Social Entrepreneurship Engineering
BEE 4960 Capstone Design
BEE 4970 Individual Study
BEE 4971 Eng Without Borders
BEE 4980 Undergraduate Teaching
BEE 4990 Undergraduate Research
BEE 4993 Honors Thesis
BEE 5330 Engineering Professionalism
BEE 5902 M.P.S. Project
BEE 5952 Master of Engr Design Project
BEE 5980 Graduate Teaching
BEE 6200 Surface Chemistry of Particles
BEE 6550 Biologically Inspired Microsystems Eng
BEE 6640 Bioenergy on Marginal Lands
BEE 6880 Appld Mdlng in Renewable Enrgy
BEE 6940 (class #5129) Applied Multivariate Analysis
BEE 6940 (class #18370) Social Entrepreneurship Engineering
BEE 6970 Grad Individual Study in BEE
BEE 7710 Soil & Water Engineering Seminar
BEE 8900 Master’s Level Thesis Research
BEE 9900 Doctoral-Level Thesis Research


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