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Last date to withdraw from a course: 4/28/2017

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The last day to withdraw from a course (needs a petition to your college, will put a W on your transcript) is 4/28.

Commentary for CoE students: If you are awaiting some intermediate grade in order to decide whether to withdraw, contact your college student services office ASAP. The College of Engineering will grant extensions for submission of petitions to withdraw from a course, providing that you contact them BEFORE the 4/28 deadline.

Commentary for CALS BE and EnvE students: CALS normally does NOT grant petitions to drop or withdraw from a course after the deadline. However, if you know you will need extra time to get back a grade from a prelim or midterm project completed BEFORE the drop date, visit CALS student services well before the drop date. Explain the situation and your need for a specific period of extension. CALS staff respect students who plan carefully and who provide early notice of difficulties. They have been known to offer an extra 1-3 days to students who request extensions well in advance of the deadline. If you do this, please check in with us in Riley Robb 207 to let us know the result of your inquiry. Thanks!

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