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6-month Spring Co-Op jobs, first-year thru PhD, at Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Devens, MA

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Our contacts at BMS can’t make it to campus this month, but they’ve sent a list of available 6 month co-op jobs at their Devens, MA facility. Biological engineers should feel free to apply for any of the STEM jobs, being sure to highlight your coursework and other experience in the areas of emphasis. A few jobs are also suitable for environmental engineers. The initial applications are online, in links from the document.

Typically students have taken a leave of absence to do 6-month co-ops, but check with the Engineering co-op office just in case.  It is also sometimes possible to string together two in a row for a year long co-op.

If you make the first cut for these jobs and want review/study materials to prepare for an interview, check with Prof. Hunter (downstream processing, bioreactors) or Prof. March (upstream and bioreactors).

BMS-Deven-MA Spring 2020 CoOp listing

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