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Additional Requirements

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Technical Communication (Technical Writing) Course

One course required. Approved technical communication courses are listed in the Courses of Study in the College of Engineering section. Within our department, BEE 4530 (with ENGRC 4530), BEE 4730, and BEE 4890 (with ENGRC 4890) are approved courses. The requirement may also be satisfied by specific engineering communication courses applied towards the liberal studies requirement (ENGRC 3500 and 3350) or by the ENGRC one-credit practicum course:  ENGRC 3023 (Writing Intensive Opportunity – Practicum in Technical Writing).  This technical writing practicum course is taken along with a project team course, a co-op assignment, or some other engineering course.  For details see the course descriptions and consult the Engineering Communications Program.

Capstone Design Course

Select one course from BEE 4350, BEE 4500, BEE 4530, BEE 4600, BEE 4730, BEE 4810/4960, or BEE 4870.  These may change over time so check back periodically.

Engineering Laboratory Course

The lab is met by taking BEE 4500 (required core course).

Physical Education Course

Two semesters of physical education are required. All students must pass a swim test prior to graduation. Transfer students are exempted from one semester of PE for each full-time semester they transfer into Cornell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can a single course count as both the Capstone Design and Engineering Technical Writing courses?

A1. Yes, for example BEE 4530 or BEE 4730.


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