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Advisor Approved Electives

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These courses are selected by the student with approval of the student’s Faculty Advisor.  These courses must be relevant to the program or for your broader educational interests and must be appropriate to your skill and knowledge level at the time the courses are taken.

Some examples:

  • Organic chemistry lab (taken by premeds)
  • Research credits taken in non-engineering departments
  • Project team or engineering research credits in excess of the four that can be used in major approved technical electives
  • Extra liberal studies and upper level bio credits
  • Transfer or study abroad courses that don’t really fit anywhere else

Courses that can NOT be used as advisor-approved electives:

  • ENGRI courses taken after the first year of university study
  • AP credits
  • Duplicate instances of a course, or “forbidden overlap” courses
  • Academic support courses, e.g. Math 1091, Chem 1007


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