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Focus Area 1: Molecular and Cellular Systems

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What is it?

Molecular and cellular systems seeks to understand, and ultimately control, the cellular processes. Three interrelated subtopics focus on the cell—processes inside the cell, interactions among cells, and cellular response to the environment.  Such understanding allows us to detect, quantify, analyze, simulate, redirect, and redesign biological entities.

How do we use it?

We can apply the knowledge to study live animal bioreactors, design biosensors or lab-on-a-chip systems with applications to detection of pathogenic microorganisms, allergens, or carcinogens; to develop antimicrobial surfaces for plastics, textiles, food packaging and processing equipment; to produce and refine natural and recombinant products such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and industrial enzymes.

Career possibilities

Industrial careers are available in development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and biologics, consumer products such as foods, cleaners and cosmetics, and renewable energy sources.

Core courses to help you prepare

•    BEE 3600 – Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

Focus Area courses to help you prepare (Fall 2018 or later)

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