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Focus Area 6: Biomaterials

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What is it?

Biology provides great inspiration and building blocks for new material designs and engineering. On the other hand, materials need to be specially engineered in order to interface with biology. Together, the focus area of biomaterials encompasses elements of a variety of engineering fields including materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and biomolecular engineering along with molecular biology, cell biology, medicine, etc.

How we use it?

Applications include Environment, Public Health, Biotechnology, and Consumer Products. For example, biomaterials can be used in a number of areas including biotech, pharmaceutics, medicine, and environment and also in many other applications that require materials either derived from or engineered for biology. In addition, biomaterials are being employed in environment remediation and replacing fossil-fuel based products.

Career possibilities

Career opportunities exist mainly in pharmaceutical and medical industry including drug delivery, drug formulation, tissue engineering, medical devices, diagnostic tools, etc.

Core courses to help you prepare

•    BEE 3400 – Design and Analysis of Biomaterials
•    BEE 3600 – Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

Focus Area courses to help you prepare (Fall 2018 or later)

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