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Sample curriculum with pre-med

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Pre-Medical Study

Students contemplating a medical career are strongly advised to consult the Health Careers Advising office for detailed information on Pre-Medical study. Biological engineers in the pre-med program often complete the Biomedical Engineering minor. A sample curriculum plan which identifies the minor and pre-med courses is shown here:  Sample Curriculum


Liberal studies recommended for your consideration:

  • Bioethics – BSOC/STS 2051 or PHIL 3450 (KCM)
  • Sociology – DSOC 2200 (SBA)
  • Foreign Language – some continuing training in whatever you studied in high school or in your heritage language if you are fortunate enough to have one.  e.g. SPAN 2000, SPAN 2070, CHIN 2215, POLSH 3300 (FL) or ASRC 2105, NES 2322 (CA)

BME Minor Courses in this example:

Course Credits BME Minor Category
Counts in BE Major as
BIOG 1440 3 1: Intro Biology Intro Bio Science elective
BIOMG 3300 4 2: Advanced Biology Specifically required for major
BEE 3600 3 3: Mol/Cell in BE Specifically required for major
MSE 4610 3 5: BME Application Focus area 6: Biomaterials



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