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First Year Writing Seminars (formerly called Written Expression)

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All Biological Engineering students are required to take two (2) freshman writing seminars (FWS).  This is a requirement of the College of Engineering. Don’t confuse the freshman writing seminar requirement in ENG with the written expression requirement in CALS.   Be aware that the student services staff in ENG and CALS are not necessarily aware of the requirements in the other college nor how they apply to students in the BE program.

Once a student is matriculated at Cornell, the Knight Institute decides whether a freshman writing course that is transferred from outside of Cornell satisfies the FWS requirements.

For AP credits, you must follow the engineering AP credit rules.  If you receive a 5 on the English Lang and Comp and the English Lit and Comp, you will only receive credit for one (1) FWS.  The other credit will go towards liberal studies in the LA category. If you receive a 4 on either test, you will receive credit for liberal studies in the LA category.

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